Uma Pemmaraju spoke to Senator John McCain, who questioned Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her testimony on the Benghazi attack. She asked Sen. McCain why he and other lawmakers did not press Sec. Clinton harder for answers on circumstances surrounding the consulate attack.

Sen. McCain responded, “I wanted to say that her answers were unsatisfactory and state many of the questions that had not been answered in hopes that at least one of them I would get a satisfactory answer.”

He said Sec. Clinton didn’t address the lack of security in Libya and the motives behind the attack. “That is something that they think they can stall long enough

with the help of the adoring media that it’ll all just fade away.”

The senator also supports the Pentagon’s decision to allow women in combat. He said that all members of the military in combat must pass the same physical and mental standards. Sen. McCain said, “I’m proud to have qualified women who are serving in combat situations.”

Sen. McCain is working with a group of bi-partisan senators on immigration reform. They’ll lay out their principles on Monday. “It’s very important that we act in coordination with the White House rather than in opposition, and with our House colleagues,” he said.