Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) is setting the stage for a new round of budget battles with the Obama administration. Ryan, who is the House Budget Committee chairman, spoke at the National Review Institute in Washington, D.C., warning Republicans to pick their fights with Democrats or risk being being portrayed as "cruel and unyielding" on divisive issues.

Ryan told the crowd of fellow Republicans that they must stay united in order prove that when given the chance, they can govern. “The way he tells it, it’s the president and only the president who’s trying to fix our bridges, to feed our children, to care for our seniors,

to clean our water,” Ryan said. “Frankly, he must be exhausted. I know we are, but we can’t get rattled. We won’t play the villain in his morality plays.”

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The congressman warned about the regulations of Obamacare. He urged, “If we want to promote conservatism, we’ll need to use every tool at our disposal. Sometimes we will have to reject the president’s proposals.”

Press Secretary Jay Carney said off-camera earlier this week that President Obama believes, “We need to compromise, not be absolutists, but agree … that the need to act on behalf of the American people should compel us to make reasonable compromise while we stick to our principles.”

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