A two-year old dog was struck by a car and left alongside the road to die. The little man clung to life for hours until he was discovered and rescued by three Los Angeles police officers. Now, Philly has a new lease on life, but a long road to recovery ahead of him.

Philly and the three officers who saved him joined Fox and Friends this morning.

They noticed Philly lying on the sidewalk and thought he may need some food.

When they discovered his injuries, they rushed the dog to a veterinarian. The vet discovered that Philly had a microchip that allowed police to track his owner. In a heartbreaking development, the owner said that she couldn’t afford to care for Philly and asked that he be put down. The officers couldn’t let that happen.

Officer Valerie Lancaster told Steve Doocy, “We couldn’t allow him to be put down just for a broken leg, so we decided to go back and take on the responsibility of saving him. No dog needs to die just for a broken leg. He’s such a sweet boy, he needs to be loved.”

The officers launched a campaign to raise money through Facebook. To date, they’ve raised almost $25K.