In several European countries, including Belgium, euthanasia is legal. Now, one case is garnering worldwide attention. Two Belgian brothers were born deaf, and then diagnosed with a condition that was causing them to go blind. The 45-year-olds decided that they wanted to be put to sleep because they wouldn’t be able to see each other anymore. After trying for a couple of months, Marc And Eddy Verbessem found a doctor who agreed to euthanize them.

Laura Ingraham reacted on The O'Reilly Factor saying that while there will always be “horrifically sad instances of human suffering,” she believes we don’t choose when we are born, so we shouldn’t choose when we die. “I believe there’s inherent dignity in every life.”

Of the 1,100 euthanasia cases Belgium in 2011, Ingraham says that many were cases of people with incurable cancer. In this specific case, Ingraham said it couldn’t be documented that there was “extreme pain.”

“The concern obviously about euthanasia is that at some point who decides who doesn’t live, who’s inconvenient, whose life is intolerable,” Ingraham said.