A thief in Bogart, Georgia, is lucky to be alive after brazenly trying to rob a wheelchair-bound veteran's home. The burglar broke right through the front door while Mark Sikes was watching television in his bedroom.

Sikes quickly grabbed his handgun when he heard the noise and confronted the burglar in the hallway. Sikes said the man bolted right out of the house when he saw the gun, and he believes the suspect was driven away by an accomplice waiting outside.

"I said, 'what are you doing

in my house?'" Sikes recalled. He also had a message for the intruder, telling FOX affiliate WAGA-TV that the robber should find something else to do, "because you came real close to losing your life."

From now on, the Army vet says he'll keep his 9mm pistol even closer. Police are still looking for the suspect.

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