An Italian tourist found himself being hauled to a New York City jail this week after forgetting to bring his wallet to dinner at an upscale Manhattan steakhouse.

Graziano Graziussi, on vacation from Naples, told the New York Daily News he left his wallet at a friend's house and didn't realize it until after he finished his $208 steak dinner at Smith & Wollensky.

Once he admitted he could not pay the bill, the restaurant called police and Graziussi was arrested and charged with theft of services. Restaurant owners in the Big Apple claim "dining-and-dashing" is becoming worse and worse and costing them more and more money.

Graziussi says

he pleaded with the restaurant staff to let him leave to retrieve his wallet, offering to give them his iPhone as collateral or bring a restaurant employee with him to make sure he would return.

The manager, however, could not be convinced and called police instead, saying there was no way to know for sure that it was actually Graziussi's phone.

Later on Fox and Friends, former NYC police commissioner Bill Bratton offered a few thoughts on the situation. He said he doesn't agree with the decision to involve police, adding that "ties up" cops who could be doing other things. But he noted that all parties - the tourist, the restaurant, and the police - all share some blame for what happened.

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