This morning on Fox and Friends actress Melissa Joan Hart explained her decision to come out publicly with her political views. She made headlines at election time by tweeting that she'd be voting for Mitt Romney.

"I decided to answer who I was voting for, that's all I said. ... That got a lot of backlash, but also a lot of love. The country is divided, so of course some people are going to hate what I said and some people are going to love it. I didn't say anything about why I voted this way or that way, I just said who. I think I have a right as an American to do that," said Hart.

The topic then turned to gun control, with Hart saying that the Sandy Hook tragedy hit especially close to home for her family.

"I live 20 miles from Newtown, my son is in first grade and was in lockdown that day. It gives me chills to think about," said Hart, who explained that she still has mixed feelings about gun control.

Hart stars alongside Joey Lawrence on "Melissa & Joey" on ABC Family.

Watch the interview: