At a recent appearance in Washington, House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said that he believes the goal of the Obama administration over the next 22 months is to "annihilate" the Republican party.

The comment came just days after CBS News political director John Dickerson wrote an online editorial, calling for Obama to "go for the throat" in his inaugural address, arguing that Obama can "cement his legacy if he destroys the GOP."

Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. said a lot of Republicans and conservative outlets are wondering just how far the president will go toward that end. He also raised the issue of the White House now

being able to raise money and promote its agenda through the newly created Organizing for Action, which used to be the president's campaign operation, Obama for America.

"The White House has now set up another arm, a so-called not-for-profit arm, so now we have branches of government raising hundreds of millions of dollars to perpetuate their viewpoint. Should the Supreme Court do it next? Should the House of Representatives do it next? It's unprecedented in American government and politics. The money is going to be out of control and incredible and unaccountable," he said.

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