During Wednesday's Senate hearing on Benghazi, Secretary Hillary Clinton responded to emphatic and pointed questioning by Sen. John McCain.

"I categorically reject your answer to Sen. Johnson," McCain said, adding that the American people deserved to know answers after the attack and that "the answers that we were giving the American people on Sept. 15 were false."

"If you're going to the American people to tell them what happened, you oughtta have your facts straight," McCain continued.

In Clinton's response,

she expressed an understanding for Sen. McCain's "very, very strong feelings" on the Benghazi attack.

"We just have a disagreement," she said. "We have a disagreement about what happened and when it happened."

In discussing Congress's lack of taking the situation in Libya seriously, refraining from allotting additional funds to a country she said some in Congress called "wealthy," and rich in oil, in essence, not in need of our financial assistance.

"We've got to get our act together between the administration and the Congress," she said emphatically. "If this is a priority ... then we have to work together."