Golf superstar Phil Mickelson recently ranted about his sky-high taxes, saying he might look to move out of California. His longtime rival on the links, Tiger Woods, said he agrees and also left California years ago to escape high taxes.

Stuart Varney sat down with Judge Andrew Napolitano this morning on Fox Business Network to discuss the issue.

Napolitano explained that the right to move from state to state or to leave the country altogether has been affirmed many times by the Supreme Court, alongside other

fundamental liberties. He said that in his home state of New Jersey, anyone who sells their principal residence to move out of the state has to pay an exit tax, which he argues is not constitutional.

He also called out Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) for proposing a law that would bar Americans from leaving the country, even on a trip, if they have an outstanding tax bill.

"Who wouldn't want to leave California?" the judge asked.

Watch the discussion: