There are reports of a shooting at Lone Star College on the north side of Houston. Details are not yet available, but emergency responders are reportedly being sent to the university.

UPDATE, 7:05p ET: Shepard Smith reports that investigators say the shooting began as an argument between two people. It escalated and both people involved were shot, as well as a maintenance man who was caught in the crossfire.
UPDATE, 3:55p ET: Local reports indicate that the search for a second person of interest in the shooting is over, and the person has turned himself in.
UPDATE, 3:45p ET: During KRIV’s live coverage, we can see that a person is in handcuffs.

UPDATE, 3:38p ET: Mark Smith of the Harris County Emergency Corps just told Shepard Smith that they responded to the scene with four different ambulances. They transported at least three individuals to local hospitals.
UPDATE, 3:21p ET: Trace Gallagher reports that out of the several eyewitness accounts of the shooting, there are at least three different versions of what happened. Some say this was a dispute between two students that broke into gunfire. Both of the students reportedly had guns.

Another eyewitness says that it was a dispute between a student and a teacher, during which the student fired and then fled.

According to a third account, the shooter went into a study hall after a dispute in the breezeway between the library and an administration building and opened fire on unsuspecting students.

UPDATE, 3:15p ET: Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee who represents the Texas district where Lone Star College is located, called into America Live to speak about today’s shooting. Hear what she had to say here.
UPDATE, 3:00p ET: A school spokeswoman tells Fox News Channel they can confirm there was a shooting that took place during some sort of confrontation between two people. Vicki Cassidy, Lone Star College Media Relations Manager, confirmed to Shepard Smith that one of the shooters was in fact injured when he was taken into custody. Another shooter did flee the school. Three people were injured in the shooting.
UPDATE, 2:55p ET: A student witness to the shooting described the scene in an interview with local affiliate KRIV. Watch the interview HERE.
UPDATE, 2:32p ET: Mark Smith, PIO and VP of Administration of Harris Co. Emergency Corp, just told Fox News that three people were transported to nearby medical facilities.

Get stats on Lone Star College's North Harris Campus HERE.

UPDATE, 2:30p ET: Trace Gallagher tells us that according to other eyewitness accounts, the shooting may have begun as a fight. Two people were reportedly arguing in the hallway near the admin building behind the library when they started shooting at each other. There are also reports that a teacher may have been shot in the crossfire.

UPDATE, 2:21p ET: One student just gave an interview to the local Fox affiliate during which he revealed that he provided medical attention to two of the students shot at Lone Star College. He later found out that one of them was the shooter. According to the student, the shooting didn’t happen in the library, but in the admin building behind the library. The suspected shooter fled into the library. The student described the suspect as a black male. The student helped him outside, at which point police handcuffed the suspect.
UPDATE, 2:12p ET: Below is a photo of students evacuating the facility.

Authorities appear to be wheeling someone out on a stretcher.

Update, 2:10p ET: According to the local FOX affiliate, KRIV, at least three people were shot inside library at the college. They also say that one person has been detained in connection with the reported shooting, and one person remains on the loose. The person detained may be injured, the affiliate says.

Stay tuned -- more information to follow as it streams in.