Today marks the 40th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the Supreme Court ruling that legalized abortion. A pro-choice group, the Center for Reproductive Rights, put out an ad celebrating the anniversary. It features actor Mehcad Brooks sitting in front of a fireplace with a rose and a glass of liquor. At the end he says, “Happy anniversary, baby. Looking good for 40.”

On The Five, Andrea Tantaros said the ad seems to glorify and sexualize abortion. “I don’t even think a woman who is pro-choice, who had an abortion or who’s thinking about one would look at that ad and say yeah, it’s something to celebrate. I’m going to have a drink and think back on the day that I did it.”

Dana Perino called it “chilling” and “appalling.” She said it makes a mockery

of the pro-choice movement. Tantaros added that it’s insensitive to women who’ve had abortions, saying, “Do we really as women whether you’re pro-life or not, do we really want to hear a man who has no idea about what it’s like to be pregnant or have an unexpected pregnancy lecturing us or trivializing it in this way?”

Greg Gutfeld weighed in, “I thought this was a pro-life ad making light of the cavalier attitude towards abortion. No, it was just a cavalier towards abortion.”