Fox News legal analyst Peter Johnson, Jr. is among those calling out President Obama's Inaugural address for its liberal leaning, with Johnson saying it was a "hard-Left manifesto" that will set the tone for the next four years.

"It was not so much about populism as it was about pandering," he said, further describing the speech as a "bizarre, disordered priority" of what our national interests are. "Where was our debt, unemployment ... the hopelessness ... where is the fear that so many Americans have that they're going to lose their house? Where are the solutions for those problems?" he asked.

Johnson further criticized the president for

distancing himself in his remarks from moderate Democrats. "If I'm voting for the president in this past election and I'm a moderate Democrat ... [I'd say], is this president in touch with the reality of America...?"

He added that while he wishes the president well, he believes the political stance Obama has taken sets him up for a backlash that we may not understand the impact of quite yet.

"I was very surprised about what I heard yesterday."