Investigators say a 15-year-old boy in New Mexico murdered his entire family on Saturday. The murders took place at a home southwest of downtown Albuquerque. There were five dead including the suspect’s nine-year-old brother and two sisters ages five and two.

Sheriff Dan Houston of Bernalillo County said the victims all appeared to have multiple gunshot wounds. An investigation is still underway, but Houston said multiple weapons were apparently used, including one assault rifle.

The suspect, Nehemiah Griego, told police

he was annoyed with his mother. After she went to bed on Friday night, he allegedly pulled a gun out and killed her. He reportedly sent a photo of his dead mother to his girlfriend.

He shot his siblings when they woke up and then he shot his father Greg when he returned home from work early Saturday morning. He told police he hoped to “murder more people” and die in a shootout with police.

Nehemiah was home-schooled and neighbors say he wasn’t allowed to play video games or watch much television. Greg Griego was a pastor of a local church before taking a leave of absence and had volunteered as chaplain for the Metropolitan Detention Center.

It is to be determined whether he will be prosecuted as an adult or minor.