One waiter in Texas is winning praise from people across the country for standing up to a customer who was making derogatory comments toward a child with Down syndrome. Michael Garcia told his story on Fox and Friends this morning.

Five-year-old Milo and his family are regulars at the restaurant Laurenzo's, where Garcia has worked for two and a half years. A man seated near Milo told Garcia that “special needs children” need to be seated elsewhere.

When Garcia offered to seat the man

and his family away from Milo, he heard that customer make derogatory comments. Garcia described the man as someone who “probably has a fear of the unknown.”

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He risked his job when his personal feelings took over and he refused to serve them. “It’s just the need to protect a beautiful child with Down syndrome and all the children with Down syndrome in the world and just be more compassionate toward people.”

The incident was unknown to Milo's family at the time, but it went viral after someone else overheard Garcia stand up to the bully.

Garcia said the restaurant backed him on a personal level and there has been an outpouring of support from people around the country.

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