From Lance Armstrong to Tiger Woods, the list of sports stars who’ve fallen from grace goes on and on. Tonight on The Five, Andrea Tantaros asked, “Where have all of the heroes gone?”

Eric Bolling argued that sports scandals are no more frequent today than they were 50 years ago, we simply hear more about them. “It’s not just relegated to the world of sports. Bernie Madoff stole $65 billion,” he said.

Beckel agreed, saying, “Now with all of these outlets available, there’s nothing that anybody can do […] I could go back through sports anyway and you could find people who cheated […] I’m not ready to buy ‘where have all the heroes gone,’ I wonder if there really was a hero anywhere.”

Greg Gutfeld countered that there’s a “death of character” in sports. “What’s dying is modesty. The great heroes in sports were the quiet guys that never said anything. They’re the ones that come and do the work, they’re not the show-offs […] Our culture is celebrating show-offs, so we end up with these characters rather than character.”

Watch their full discussion below: