One anti-gun group, the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, is coming under fire for selectively editing a political ad put out by Democratic lawmaker John Barrow. In Barrow's original ad, he discusses his support of the Second Amendment by citing his father and grandfather's use of guns to protect their families and, in his grandfather's case, stop a lynching. In the anti-gun Coalition's ad, however, Barrow's message looks quite different.

On America Live, Megyn Kelly showed both ads and asked her panel to weigh in. Tony Sayegh of Talk Radio News Service admitted that the ads concerned him a great deal for two reasons, the first being the use of Sandy Hook imagery so soon after the tragedy shook the nation.

"We know what we felt that day ... we don't need to have it manipulated and profiteered by anti-gun groups," he said. Sayegh added that the music added to and the words admitted from Barrow's

message in the Coalition's ad created an "impression that he's just some sort of cowboy who ... abuses his Second Amendment right."

In doing so, Sayegh contends, groups like the Coalition are painting a picture that if you own a gun, you're a "nefarious person" who is "complicit with the Sandy Hook massacre."

Watch the full, heated debate, and let us know where you stand: