The world continues to wait on a response from Notre Dame star Manti Te’o following Wednesday's shocking revelation that his girlfriend - who he said had died during the season - never actually existed. The only communication from Te'o since the report was a written statement, claiming that he was the victim of an "incredibly embarrassing" online hoax.

Many are still wondering whether Te'o played a part in setting up the hoax, in which the picture of a California woman was turned into "Lennay Kekua." Te’o claims that he carried on the relationship exclusively on the phone and online, and never actually met Kekua.

This morning, Fox and Friends spoke with legal analyst Peter Johnson Jr. to ask whether Te'o, a top NFL prospect, could be at risk for any legal consequences.

He said the woman whose picture was used in the hoax could choose to file a lawsuit "for the unauthorized use of her likeness."

Johnson said if Te'o was truly duped, he could pursue legal action against the perpetrator of the hoax.

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