Take a look at this shockingly brutal act caught on a subway station surveillance camera in Philadelphia. A man drags a woman from a bench and onto the subway tracks. He then stole her cell phone, police said.

The good news is that the woman was able to climb back up to the platform before the train arrived, and only suffered minor injuries. And thanks to the surveillance video, police quickly tracked down the suspected perpetrator.


According to Fox affiliate WTXF, the man first asked the woman for a lighter and then suddenly attacked after she gave him one. During the attack, the woman dropped her cell phone. He can be seen on the video picking it up before leaving the scene.

The suspect was identified by police as William Clark, 36, who now faces several charges. He had previously been arrested for burglary, retail theft, robbery and stolen auto, according to WTXF.

You can see on the video that the man was wearing a distinctive jacket. Police said they intentionally did not release the video to the public because they were hoping the jacket would help to find him.

It worked, as cops located the man, wearing the jacket, at another transit stop. They said he was in possession of the victim's cell phone.

Watch the shocking crime: