There is more news breaking in the bizarre case of a Notre Dame All-American linebacker who claims he was the victim of an elaborate, online hoax. Football star Manti Te'o maintains he believed he was dating a girl for years who, he discovered late last year, didn't actually exist.

Thursday night, however, the Associated Press found out that Te'o spoke twice in interviews of his "girlfriend," even after he reportedly had found out it was a all made up. So, what does this mean? Charles Krauthammer may usually react to Washington D.C. happenings, but tonight, he weighed in on the controversy.

"He's either dangerously naive, deeply deceptive, or delusional," he said of the athlete.

But even those classifications get tricky, Krauthammer contended, because if

it's the first, how could he have spoken about her twice after learning the truth? If he's "deceptive," Krauthammer says it would take "an element of crazy" to think his elaborate scheme would not be discovered, especially when a death is involved.

"You would almost have to go with delusional, but there's nothing in his life to indicate he is," Krauthammer concluded. "I have no explanation."

How does he believe it will all end? On Oprah's network, of course.