The NRA has released a new ad criticizing President Obama’s stance on guns and school security. The ad questions why the president is “skeptical” about having armed security guards at schools when his children are protected by armed guards. Earlier today, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney called the ad “repugnant and cowardly.”

The president was criticized for having children appear with him during his gun control announcement on Wednesday. Fox News contributor Monica Crowley weighed in on America Live, telling Megyn Kelly, “Anytime you use children to make a political point, it’s always a very dicey proposition.”

She added, "I find particularly inappropriate because you are dealing with an issue that involves violence.”

Crowley said the bigger point that the NRA made was about the hypocrisy that the president’s children do not attend school in a gun-free zone. Megyn Kelly noted, “Obviously the president’s children are in a special circumstance.

They are under threat at all times, sadly, because they are the children of the president of the United States.”

Kelly questioned, “I don’t know that we should be discussing the security situation of the Obama girls. But now we are because this ad -- and I understand the point they’re trying to make, […] but is it appropriate to talk about the security that these two little girls have?”

Fox News contributor Julie Roginsky called the NRA’s actions “reprehensible” for dragging them into this issue and putting their whereabouts into public discussion. She called for the NRA to pull the ad and said, “This is leading us down a slippery horrible slope which I believe will probably endanger these girls more than they’re endangered already.”