Republican Senator Marco Rubio (FL) joined The O’Reilly Factor to react to President Obama’s gun control proposals. He told Bill O’Reilly that these measures taken by the White House would not have prevented the Newtown school shooting.

The senator said it’s important to question what is happening in our culture and society that’s causing people to commit such horrendous acts. He said, “The issue America faces today is not guns, it’s violence.”

Sen. Rubio is a concealed weapons permit holder in Florida. He had to go through

a background check, be fingerprinted, and take a safety course. He doesn’t believe an assault weapons ban will work, and thinks that more people should instead have to go through measures similar to Florida’s requirements.

Sen. Rubio believes that President Obama doesn’t support the right to bear arms. “If he doesn’t want the Second Amendment to be in the Constitution or if he wants to reform the Second Amendment then have the guts to admit that.”

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