Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer joined Sean Hannity to discuss President Obama’s executive actions on gun control. Krauthammer predicted that the president’s legislative proposals will collapse at the hands of Democrats.

He recalled, “The reason that gun control has not been an issue for 20 years is because it’s the Democrats who championed it in long ago days decided after

the shellacking they took in the midterm election in Clinton’s first term, [...] that they would not touch the issue again because public opinion was so strongly against them.”

List: President Obama's of 23 Executive Actions in Gun Violence Reduction Measures

Given the United States’ 200-year history of gun rights, Krauthammer doesn’t believe the proposed assault weapons ban will pass. “The executive orders are useless,” he told Hannity, citing a Justice Department study that found the previous assault weapons ban had no discernible effect on the rate of gun violence.

Krauthammer believes that President Obama used the fiscal cliff issue to crush the one institution that was stopping his agenda – the House Republicans. “It’s his objective so that he becomes the dominant influence in Washington and will be able to enact the rest of his what I would call social-Democratic agenda in his second term.”

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