A bizarre situation unfolded in Portland, Oregon, where a woman was trapped between two walls. Around 3a PT, the woman fell between a cinder block wall and a building. She was there for three hours before she was somehow discovered. The Fire Department spearheaded a huge effort to rescue her.

UPDATE, 11:15a ET: The man who led the rescue of a woman trapped between two walls in Portland, Oregon on Wednesday morning described the extraction to the local FOX affiliate, saying that the woman was in good spirits during the rescue ... albeit extremely cold. Watch the video below, and click HERE for more details:

UPDATE, 10:30a ET: The Portland Fire Department has managed to free the trapped woman. Watch the rescue below:

10:29a ET UPDATE: Rescuers are said to be putting lubricant on the woman’s skin so that she can slide out of the space more easily. In the photo below, you can see her struggling to push herself out.

Martha MacCallum reported that the woman is trapped in a 12-inch space. According to reports, her feet are not touching the ground.

Emergency responders have cut through a portion of the wall, so they can see the woman and she can see them.

Below is a photo of the woman:

Stay tuned to Fox News Channel for updates on this developing story.