Last spring, one mother ignited a firestorm when she wrote an article for Vogue magazine about putting her 7-year-old daughter on a strict calorie-counting diet. Now in a new memoir called ‘The Heavy: A Mother, A Daughter, A Diet,’ Dara-Lynn Weiss defends her decision.

On Fox and Friends this morning, she said that hers is simply a “real mom story of going through helping a child who’s suffering from obesity.”

Weiss said that the initial decision to put her daughter on a diet was prompted by a visit to the pediatrician. At her 6-year-old check-up, the doctor recognized that Bea was in a dangerous place and Weiss tried to control her weight in whatever way possible. Bea still gained 23 pounds that year. She weighed in at 93 pounds when the average for her age group was in the 50s.

A pediatric nutritionist and obesity specialist put her on a very strict program which helped Bea get healthy.

Weiss addressed the public backlash to her article, saying, “I think it’s painful to think that you would tell a child that he or she can’t eat what they want. I mean that’s part of the joy of childhood … And you don’t want to think that to help an obese child, you have to tell them ‘no’ a lot of the time.”