America Live updated a story surrounding last month's resignation of EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson, who is said to have used alias email accounts in her communications with outside groups.

Critics have said the practice may have been used as a way to avoid Freedom of Information Act requests. Jackson has said her resignation had nothing to do with the emails, even though the Justice Department said it would release thousands of the messages.

Chris Horner, an attorney and senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, brought the issue to light earlier this year by suing the EPA for documents pertaining to Jackson’s alleged use of alias email accounts, on which she allegedly used the name “Richard Windsor.”

Earlier this week, Horner called the administration's response to his document request "deeply troubling

," saying he only received about 2,000 of the 3,000 emails promised and the emails were not in chronological order.

He told Megyn Kelly that it appears Jackson went to "new depths" to conceal her activities through the phony email accounts.

"The only foreseeable outcome of creating a false identity for federal record-keeping purposes is that you would subvert record-keeping and disclosure law," Horner said.

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