President Obama is reportedly weighing a recommendation for him to issue 19 executive orders for stricter gun control measures. The proposals are set to be unveiled tomorrow following a review by VP Joe Biden's task force on gun violence.

White House spokesman Jay Carney said the president still plans to go through Congress on new gun control laws, but it is unclear what measures he could take through executive action. Obama could enforce existing laws more strictly.

Megyn Kelly sat down with Judge Andrew Napolitano today to go over the legal issues at play. The judge explained that George H.W. Bush tightened a law from 1968 that bans the importation of firearms that are not

"suitable for sporting purposes." He said Obama "could if he wanted to, without violating the law, redefine that even tighter" than Bush.

Napolitano also raised the possibility of the president using the Environmental Protection Agency to create a restrictive tax on bullets.

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"An interesting idea that was floated by (Chicago mayor) Rahm Emanuel ... would be for the president to ask the Environmental Protection Agency to use its regulatory authority to impose a fee on manufacturers of ammunition. The theory being ammo is made out of lead, bullets eventually end up in the earth, the dirt around the lead has to be cleaned up, and therefore the government, which does much of the cleaning, would have to be reimbursed. Pass that tax along and it will double the cost of bullets and that will deter people from buying bullets because they can't afford them, or it would force people into buying black market bullets that don't have that tax," he explained.

That prompted Kelly to ask whether such a "tenuous" regulation would hold up to a court challenge. Napolitano said it would be "unconstitutional and unlawful," but he argued that "we are dealing with a mindset that is profoundly against the Second Amendment and will push its ability to infringe upon the right to keep and bear arms to the constitutional limits."

Kelly pointed out Obama's assertions that he is not looking to take away people's guns. The president called out the NRA and others for "ginning up fear" about gun confiscation.

"Even in his press conference (Monday), he indicated a willingness to do whatever it takes to raise the debt ceiling, whether Congress goes along with it. And now to keep guns out of the hands of people that he doesn't want to have them, even though this is not a federal function and even though he can't change any laws without Congress," Napolitano said.

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