Laura Ingraham stopped by Fox and Friends this morning to discuss a range of topics, including President Obama's news conference, Colin Powell's weekend comments on "intolerance" in the Republican party, and Lance Armstrong's reported admission of doping.

On Sunday, Powell made headlines by calling out the GOP for exhibiting a "dark vein of intolerance," saying that some elements of the party still "look down on minorities." Powell said he still considers himself a Republican, but a "moderate" one.

Ingraham said Powell knew when he went on "Meet the Press" that that one statement would dominate the news cycle. She said that she would like to have a debate with the former Secretary of State

about how liberal policies have impacted African-Americans.

"Climate change regulation he wants, I guess more affirmative action, he's pro-choice and now he believes that immigration amnesty is going to help, what, the wages of the black family? I don't know. But liberalism has been an utter disaster for black America. And I don't think, frankly, in that 'Meet the Press' appearance we heard much about the abysmal failure of those polices when it comes to individual black workers in the United States," said Ingraham, who faulted Republicans for not doing enough to sell their policies to minorities.

Ingraham said that yesterday, Republicans did not respond forcefully enough to the president's press conference, where he talked mainly about the debt ceiling and gun control.

"(President Obama) believes that Republicans have their backs up against the wall. He believes that they are no match for his razzle-dazzle approach to politics and, so far at least, the Republicans have not really risen to the occasion to expose, challenge and offer a positive alternative. I know they're trying, but (John Boehner) issuing a written statement (after the press conference) is not going to defeat the rhetorical skills of this president," she said.

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