Last night on Hannity, author and commentator Ann Coulter discussed the debate over gun control and the proposed bill in New York that would implement stricter laws. The bill, approved by the State Senate and expected to become law, would impose a tighter ban on assault weapons and limit a firearm magazine to holding seven bullets, down from the current limit of 10 bullets. (Here is some more information about the proposed legislation.) Coulter argued that having less bullets in the magazine is not an effective way of dealing with the problem of mass shootings, like the one that took place in Newtown, Conn. "Like all liberal solutions, this has nothing to do with the problem {C}{C}

we're supposed to be addressing," said Coulter, who pointed out that attackers in mass shootings have ample "time and preparation" to replace the magazine and/or carry multiple weapons. She said limiting the amount of bullets a magazine can hold actually affects private citizens who keep guns in their homes for protection, referencing the recent case of a Georgia mother who shot an intruder. "It's only if you're the victim of a home invasion, as that woman in Georgia was last week. [...]The intruder opens the door (of the crawl space where she was hiding) and God bless her, she shot with six bullets in her gun. She shot all six, but only five hit the intruder, which is very good when you are a panicked woman protecting your children and probably not constantly down at the gun range. She hit him in the face and neck five times and yet he not only lived, he lived to flee in a car. What if there had been two intruders? What if she had not been as good a shot and only three of the bullets had hit him? It's when you have a home invasion that you need a large-capacity magazine, especially if you're a female who isn't constantly at the gun range," Coulter said. Hannity called her argument "probably the strongest" he has heard about whether to restrict the size of gun magazines, which is being discussed at the national level by VP Joe Biden's gun violence task force. Watch the discussion: