A British woman who got into trouble for wearing a cross at work has won a landmark religious discrimination case. In 2006, Nadia Eweida was sent home from her job at British Airways without pay for refusing to remove the silver cross around her neck. Today, a European court ordered British Airways to pay her 32,000 euros in restitution.

12p ET UPDATE: Amy Kellogg reported that Eweida has said she's very pleased that “Christian rights had been vindicated.”

Eweida had described the discrimination she faced, saying, “I have colleagues that are Muslims who wear a hijab, I have colleagues who are Muslims who do not wish to wear a hijab. So, they have a freedom of choice. Either they wear it or they don’t wear it. Everybody has their own right and faith and makeup to be able to express their faith in their way and manner. So, why should I be discriminated against on par with other colleagues?”

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