In one of our must-see stories of the day, one teacher is fighting back after her school told her to remove quotes from the Bible, as well as former President Ronald Reagan, from her classroom ... or else she'd be fired. New York public school teacher Joelle Silver says she received an eight-page counseling letter telling her to remove inspirational quotes because of their content. Silver also apparently had a prayer request box in her classroom for a school club, had mentioned Adam and Eve in her teachings on biology, and had posted quotes both from Corinthians about staying true to one's self as well as from former President Reagan, in which he said, "without God, democracy cannot endure." Now, Silver is suing. "I believe that my {C}{C}

First Amendment rights were violated last June," she told a reporter. "As a Christian and as an American, I believe it's incredibly important to fight to protect the rights that people have died to give me."

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Jay Sekulow joined Megyn Kelly on America Live with his reaction, saying that he believes the school's response was a complete over-statement. "I think what's happened here is [...] this school district is basically treating religion like it's asbestos in the ceiling tiles," he said. Get the full story below, and let us know your thoughts: