Kara Marcum has set an example not only for her fellow students at Bolivar Central High School, but for teachers and adults in the community as well. Her fellow students say the senior, who has Down Syndrome and a severe heart defect, is an inspiration. Their appreciation was made apparent recently when the student body voted her to be their homecoming queen.

Marcum's parents and sister were emotional at the homecoming court ceremony, with her mother telling reporters that it was a day they never thought they would see.

"She had surgery when she was three-and-a-half months old to correct the heart condition, and we weren't given much hope that she would even be here today," she said.

Kara's homecoming escort couldn't be more excited for the choice. "I think she's everybody's favorite person in the whole school. Everybody loves her; I love her. She's an awesome person to be around," Kaleb McKinnie said.

Through tears, Kara's older sister Kayla talked about how special the day was for her. "She's my little sister. Seeing everybody so good to her and treating her like their own sister, their own daughter ... it's emotional. Just to know that she's loved," she said.

Take a look below, and get your tissues ready!