Influenza reached epidemic proportions in the United States and now, there are reports of a shortage of the flu vaccine. It all sounds very intimidating, but there are measures you can take to prevent the flu.

To stop the spread of influenza, people should wash their hands, disinfect surface areas such as computers and cell phones, and stay home if they feel ill.

On Sunday Housecall, Dr. Marc Siegel covered a few misconceptions being reported. He said, “Did you know that flu is an epidemic every single year for a certain period

of time, couple of weeks usually. Maybe we have a more severe year this year, we probably do, but we’re not going to know that for sure until the end of the year.”

The problem with the vaccine, Dr. Siegel explained, is that a different one is needed every year. While this year’s is more effective, the doctor believes there needs to be one flu vaccine that lasts ten years.

Dr. David Samadi said, “The bottom line is, this flu virus is very fluid and it’s a very smart one. And every year it seems like we are chasing it instead of getting it ahead of time.”

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