Last night on Hannity, Sean talked to a group of New York residents whose names and addresses were published in an interactive map of gun permit holders by The Journal News.

Critics have said publishing the names was a serious privacy violation and essentially laid out for criminals what houses were likely to contain a gun. The paper defended itself by arguing that the names of people who hold handgun licenses is public and freely available.

Hannity said he wanted to have the group on to voice their frustrations and their fears over the "blatant violation of privacy."

All except a few in the group were outed by The Journal News for holding a gun permit in Rockland or Westchester County.

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  • Fox News contributor Deneen Borelli said she applied for a license because as a public figure she has received threats. Her husband, Tom Borelli, said The Journal News' map is an attempt by the government to "intimidate" gun owners using the media.

    Ralph Heavner, an attorney, said he spoke with the Rockland County clerk, who told him that he pleaded with the newspaper not to make the names public, "and they said to him, 'we can do whatever we want with this information.'"

    New York State Sen. Greg Ball (R) said that Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) is fully in favor of confiscating guns from private owners.

    "People have to realize this governor is on the record talking about confiscation. And people have got to get active throughout the state of a New York. There are bills out there that would send the state police to the doors of people who are now obeying the law and knock on that door and turn those individuals into criminals," said Ball.

    Watch the full discussion:

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