Bill O'Reilly took on the "unintended consequences of a liberal America" in his Talking Points Memo on Friday. After, he spoke to Hawaii Democratic Rep. Colleen Hanabusa about what he calls "the most liberal state in the nation."

He pointed out that Hawaii has the fourth-highest homeless rate and the most people on food stamps despite a relatively low unemployment rate of 5.3 percent. He also took on the state for failing to enact tougher sentences for child sex offenders.

Hanabusa took issue with O'Reilly's characterization of her state,

saying he fails to realize that Hawaiians "care about each other, that's where the whole concept of Aloha comes from."

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  • O'Reilly said that the state has implemented policies that discourage people from working, while failing to strictly enforce drug laws.

    "You've set up an entitlement system that encourages people to get food stamps and be homeless. That's what you've done. The addiction rate in the islands is off the chart, because you don't enforce the drug laws there. Drugs are coming in from everywhere. This is the liberal culture," said O'Reilly.

    Hanabusa disputed O'Reilly's statements on drug use in Hawaii, saying there are no statistics to back up his assertions.

    "We are by your definition liberal because we care," she said. "We care about our elders, we care about those who need help."

    O'Reilly countered by saying "conservatives care about their elders too."

    Hanabusa had previously demanded an apology from O'Reilly for a recent Factor report on the state's liberalism, calling it offensive to Asian-Americans. Hanabusa, however, admitted she didn't watch the whole report, with O'Reilly saying she formed her opinion after reading about it on a "far-left" website.

    "Do me one favor because I think you're a very good woman. Never again condemn anybody unless you see the total report. Because what I did was not offensive to Asians. I was talking into a context that you didn't see because you took it off a far-left website. That is dishonest and that doesn't do you any good," he said.

    Watch the contentious interview:

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