A high school teacher in Chapin, South Carolina, drew the outrage of parents when he stomped on the American flag in front of his honors English classes. The teacher has been placed on leave while the school conducts an investigation. Last night on 'On the Record,' Greta Van Susteren spoke with Maggie Copeland, a student, and her father, Michael Copeland. She explained that the teacher was doing a lesson on symbols, then gave an example of a cross symbolizing Christianity.

"Then he took the flag and he said that it was just a symbol of America and it was just a piece of cloth with colors on it, and then he threw it on the ground and stomped on it," she recounted. She said all of the students were "very shocked."

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Michael Copeland said he was extremely angry, "to the point of shaking," when his daughter told him what the teacher had done. He said he emailed the district superintendent and Board of Education members a few days later. Greta then spoke with Mark Bounds, spokesman for the school district, who said that the superintendent will recommend that the teacher be fired. Watch the full interview:

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