The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that the flu is widespread in 47 states, with the exceptions being California, Mississippi, and Hawaii. Those three states are reporting regional flu activity.

Twenty children have died so far from the flu this year, the CDC said. There is no nationwide count of flu deaths, but the CDC estimates that about 24,000 people die in an average year as a result of the flu.

Rick Leventhal reported on Happening Now from outside a hospital in Allentown, Penn., which has

been forced to set up tents outside the building in order to deal with the overflow created by flu patients. The tents are meant for people experiencing milder flu symptoms, while those with more severe cases are treated at the ER.

"The capacity was overwhelming, not only with patients being seen, but also patients needing a bed to be admitted," said Terry Burger of Lehigh Valley Hospital.

There have been 11,000 cases of the flu reported in Pennsylvania, with 22 dying as a result.