The NRA is now pointing to the case of the Georgia mom who shot a home intruder to make the point that private gun ownership is necessary for protection.

The NRA is meeting today with VP Joe Biden's gun violence task force as the Obama administration pushes for stricter gun control laws, including a reinstatement of the assault weapons ban.

Martha MacCallum discussed the case and the gun control debate on America's Newsroom this morning with Fox News contributors Monica Crowley and Doug Schoen.

Schoen said the woman

is a good example of responsible gun ownership, but added that supporters of gun control are not arguing against her right to have a weapon. He said the issue is assault weapons, which he argues "have no place being owned."

Crowley said that the tragedies in Aurora, Colo., and Newtown, Conn., have produced an emotional response and the end result could be laws that affect people like the Georgia mom, Melinda Herman.

"What usually happens (after a tragedy) is a response that is disproportional and is also not particularly appropriate because we have an emotional response. And what we end up doing is intruding on basic freedoms, Second Amendment freedoms, and we end up focusing on people like Mrs. Herman, law-abiding citizens, rather than focusing on the actual criminals in these cases," said Crowley.