Vice President is holding a meeting this afternoon with leaders from Walmart, the NRA, sports interest groups and others just one day after he sent shock waves through many groups by saying President Obama could use executive orders to put certain gun laws in place.

Fox News political analyst Chris Stirewalt told America Live host Megyn Kelly that while the president could technically use such power, he'll need to get bipartisan support for his proposals if he wants them to actually be adopted in the fabric of the nation's ideals.

"If you don't have fundamental agreement about what the discussion is,

you don't have an agreement," Stirewalt said.

He also pointed out that gun rights advocates and gun control advocates are each citing different reasons to support their stances. On the left, many see it as a "hunting" issue, saying that gun owners don't need certain weapons in order to fulfill that hobby.

"No one hunts with an assault rifle, no one needs 10 bullets to kill a deer," NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo said in an impassioned speech on Wednesday. "Too many people have died already! End the madness now!" Cuomo wasn't alone, however, as former President Bill Clinton made similar remarks in Las Vegas. "I grew up in this hunting culture, but this is nuts [...] why does anyone need one of those things that carries 100 bullets? The guy in Colorado had one of those..."

The right sees it as a God-given right not about deer hunting and that the federal government is enjoined from infringing on those rights. "The left and right are talking past each other," Stirewalt said, and until that stops, the debate will go on.

Do you agree? Watch the discussion below: