On America's Newsroom this morning we heard the 911 call that was placed during a Georgia home invasion last week, in which mother Melinda Herman hid in the attic with her two young children while a robber entered their house. She eventually shot him multiple times.

While the man was in the house, Herman called her husband at work, who from a second phone line called 911. While telling the dispatcher what was going on at his house, the husband suddenly heard the gunshots.

It turns out that the husband had recently taken his wife to a gun range to teach her how to fire the gun she ended up using.

He can be heard on the 911 call talking to his wife as she hides, telling her to relax and "just remember everything that I taught you."

"She's shooting him. ... She shot him a lot," he tells the dispatcher a few moments later, while telling his wife on the other phone to "shoot him again!" The suspect, 32-year-old Paul Slater, managed to stumble out of the house and flee in his car, but he was arrested a short time later. He is hospitalized with wounds to his face and neck, but his condition is not known.

Listen to the call:

Immediately following this report, Martha MacCallum discussed whether this case puts the gun control debate into a new light. Watch that debate, here.

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