Tuesday night, Christine Levinson appeared on On the Record to plead for the government to step up efforts to help bring her husband home. Robert Levinson, a former FBI agent, has been missing since 2007 when he virtually vanished into thin air while on the Iranian island of Kish.

While it was originally suspected that Levinson was being held by terrorists, U.S. intelligence officials now believe the Iranian government may be involved.

Christine Levinson revealed disturbing photos of her husband in captivity. The photos were emailed to her from an address in Pakistan.

“I feel that there needs to be more attention to the case and that’s why I am putting these pictures out and trying to get everyone to be reminded that Bob is still missing or in custody,” Levinson said.

She said that FBI agents are working on a daily basis to gather information on her husband’s potential whereabouts, and both Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama have pledged to do whatever they can to help bring him home, but she remains frustrated.

“All of the other Americans --- Iranian-Americans and Americans – that have been held in Iran have been returned home and Bob has not.