Yesterday we told you about a woman in California who grabbed a machete and stopped an intruder in her home. The man apparently broke a window, stuffed some of Teryl Parnell's valuables in a bag and even ate her leftover Chinese food!

He then proceeded, oddly enough, to take a nap on her couch. That's where Parnell discovered him when she awoke, retrieving a machete and making sure he stayed put until cops arrived. Parnell says this happened a few months ago, but she's just gone public with the story in recent days.

Parnell spoke with Steve Doocy on Fox and Friends this morning. She joked that she was more upset about the Chinese food than the fact that someone had just broken into her home!

"Do you know how hard it is to find good Chinese food? I am so serious. I couldn't believe it. Then he ate my caramels! I'm like, 'all bets are off,'" Parnell said.

She said she offered to make the man some coffee, and that's when she returned with her machete. She called her son, a Navy sailor who served in Afghanistan, and told him to come over as well.

But she says even though police caught the suspect, she's not interested in pressing charges.

"He was such a polite young man. ... I really didn't want to wreck the young man's life," Parnell said.

The man, however, has since been picked up by police again for car theft.

Watch the full interview: