Rick Leventhal provided an update from the scene of this morning’s New York City ferry accident.

According to the latest police reports, 59 passengers on the Seastreak ferry were injured. Leventhal reports that two people are in critical condition, and one sustained serious head injuries when the individual fell down the stairs after the ferry slammed into the dock.

Injured passengers are still being removed from the pier, and paramedics are tagging them according to the severity of their injuries.

One passenger described the scene to Leventhal saying that it appears as though the people who were sitting down as the ferry pulled into the pier were not injured. Those who were standing in preparation for docking were the ones who tumbled forward, hitting the glass, and sustaining injury.

Leventhal also reported that police believe the boat came in too fast and the captain wasn’t able to stop in time. One passenger speculated that the captain of the ship didn’t hit reverse in time to slow and stop the boat before it hit the pier.

10:55a ET UPDATE: The Coast Guard has confirmed that they will be administering drug and alcohol tests to the boat’s captain and crew.