In a commentary last night called "Saving America," Sean Hannity discussed the efforts to impose stricter gun control laws on the American people in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School attack. Vice President Joe Biden's task force on gun control is set to meet with NRA representatives Thursday as the push intensifies.

Though a number of options to prevent gun violence will be looked at, Hannity noted that "there is no question that limiting your Second Amendment rights is priority one for Sheriff Joe and his team."

Hannity pointed to statements made by the nation's founders like Thomas Jefferson and George Mason on the importance of the people's right to bear arms.

"If they were alive today, they would no doubt be mocked, they'd be ridiculed, besmirched, demonized by the left and by the left-wing media. The question that America faces is - it's profound - are we still a constitutional republic? Do we still believe in freedom? Do we believe in liberty? Our Constitution is our rule of law. Will liberals now allow that to be shredded?" Hannity asked.

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He argued that there is a lack of balance and common sense in the debate over gun control.

"If 99.9 percent of gun owners never break the law, why should they be deprived of their rights because of the actions of a few?" he asked.

"Where is the debate over a failed mental health system, psychotropic drug use, violent movies, violent video games? ... My advice is that if we protect, for example, our money, our politicians, our Hollywood stars - they have armed security. Maybe it's time that our children get the same armed security," he said.

Hannity went on to discuss the gun control issue with Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-Calif.) and Rep. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.).

Watch Sean's commentary and the discussion:

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