Martha MacCallum reported on America's Newsroom that numerous people are reported injured after a commuter ferry collided with the pier in New York City. There is no word on the cause of the accident. Aerial footage showed first responders carrying several passengers away in stretchers. Get live updates on the story below and tune in to Fox News Channel for the latest.

7:00p ET UPDATE: Shepard Smith reported that at least 70 people were injured in the crash.

11:48a ET UPDATE: Charles Rowe of the U.S. Coast Guard just told Jenna Lee that the initial breathalyzer tests that were conducted on the captain and crew came back negative. Rowe said that the drug test administered will take several days to process. Get his comments on the crash here.

10:55a ET UPDATE: The Coast Guard has confirmed that they will be administering drug and alcohol tests to the boat’s captain and crew.

10:32a ET UPDATE: Rick Leventhal provided an update from the scene where the latest reports have the number of injured at 59. Two people are in critical condition, and one is likely to die from head injuries sustained when the individual fell down the stairs after the ferry slammed into the dock.

Leventhal also reported that police believe the boat came in too fast and the captain wasn’t able to stop in time. One passenger speculated that the captain of the ship didn’t hit reverse in time to slow and stop the boat before it hit the pier. Watch his report here.

10:14a ET UPDATE: Bill Hemmer reports that this boat had not been in operation for over two months, prior to Superstorm Sandy.

10:13a ET UPDATE: Bill Hemmer reports that the number of injured has risen to at least 50.

10a ET UPDATE: Martha MacCallum just said that according to the latest Associated Press reports, between 30 and 50 people were injured in the ferry crash. At least one person is said to be in critical condition.

9:31a ET UPDATE:The photo below shows the huge gash in the front of the boat.

9:28a ET Update: The accident occurred aboard a Seastreak ferry, a popular line among commuters from New Jersey’s Monmouth County. The boats transport between 400 and 500 passengers on two decks.