A robbery suspect in California chose the wrong couch to take a catnap. Teryl Parnell said when she found a man sleeping on her couch, she pointed a machete at him and said, “No sir, you’re staying, you’re staying right there.’”

Describing herself as a “typical mom,” Parnell said she went up to the man and slapped his feet off the couch. “Like, what are you doing with your feet up on my couch!” she told a reporter while reenacting the ordeal.

The suspect allegedly busted through a window, stuffed valuables in a bag and proceeded to devour

leftover Chinese food. Parnell snapped a photo of the suspect as cops arrested him inside her house.

The incident happened a couple of months ago, but it’s the first time Parnell is telling her story. Police report the suspect was on probation at the time for car theft, and after posting bail cops arrested him again last month for driving a stolen car.

Watch Parnell's account of the incident below: