Fox News contributor Laura Ingraham was on Fox and Friends this morning to discuss a range of topics, including Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's return to work, President Obama's picks for Defense Secretary and CIA Director, and the next battle looming over taxes and spending.

She also weighed in on a new report from Planned Parenthood showing that the women's health organization received a new high of $542 million from the federal government in fiscal 2011. In 2002, the organization received around $200 million.

Ingraham said the country has a serious problem of taxpayer dollars going to an organization that makes so much of its money by providing abortions.

"When you really boil this down to what it is. It is a heartbreaking and searing problem we have in this country, where tax dollars are going to an organization that makes about $400-something million off the abortion procedure. We talk about Big Oil, this is Big Abortion, and they make big money off of it. They shouldn't get a dime from taxpayers to fund what they do," she argued.

Gretchen Carlson pointed out that the report also showed Planned Parenthood providing 12 percent fewer contraceptive services and 29 percent fewer cancer screening services, adding that defenders of the government's funding of Planned Parenthood have touted the other services that the organization provides to women.

"What happened to abortion being safe, legal and rare? Is that rare, really?" Ingraham asked.

Watch all of Ingraham's comments: