More horrific details are coming out in the wake of an alleged rape that took place in Steubenville, Ohio against a 16-year-old girl. New footage discovered shows an Ohio State University student (who has since dropped out of the school) caught on video joking about the alleged rape, said to have taken place at a couple of different parties while the teen was apparently drugged or passed out drunk.

The male, Michael Nodianos, seen and heard in the video maintains he was not involved in the rape and that he didn't even know the girl in question. Still, friends laugh as he offers hideous commentary while watching the rape take place on video.

"They peed on her," Nodianos says, laughing. "That's how

you know she's dead, because someone peed on her." Later, he continues, "...she's deader than O.J.'s wife, [...] she's deader than Caylee Anthony."

Yet another comment finds him joking about the rape itself. "[...] They raped her quicker than Mike Tyson raped that one girl," he says.

Nodianos' lawyer described his client's behavior as unfortunate, but told press in remarks that he wasn't an actual witness to the alleged crime.

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  • "It's important that you know that Jane Doe was not in the house where the video was made at the time it was made, and Michael was not present in the house where she's alleged to be assaulted at the time she was alleged to be assaulted." He added that Nodianos didn't even know the victim. "He's since been told that she was at the student's house where he was drinking, and she was there drinking as well, but he didn't know that, and he never met her."

    Psychiatrist and member of Fox News' Medical A-Team Dr. Keith Ablow gave his professional perspective on the video and what it reflects about our society on a larger scale.

    "We keep getting together to talk about the failure of empathy in our culture," Ablow began, saying that he believes empathy in the next generation has been "squashed" by social media.

    "We're lost in between the media we use to communicate and our own roots as empathetic human beings with feelings. We're literally bleeding into the entertainment that we participate in, and what happens is we lose our humanity in that way," he says.

    "That young girl to a lot of these young people is not a girl, she's somebody who's starring in a reality TV show being taped for a broadcast on YouTube or a broadcast on Facebook."

    He calls the video a "snapshot of the world we're creating," and one that we'll pay the price for later on.

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