A startling New York Post investigation found that welfare recipients were taking out cash at bars, liquor stores, x-rated video shops, hookah parlors and strip clubs. Is that really what your tax dollars should be going toward? Tonight, Michael Meyers from the New York Civil Rights Coalition and David Webb, a Sirius XM radio host engaged in a spirited debate about the investigation with Sean Hannity.

Webb argued that the government lowers the bar for people to spend money so that they keep using the EBT cards and become dependent on the system.

Meyers responded, “This is a real distraction from the real issue. We have 47 million people

in America on food stamps. We have millions of people who are unemployed. […] Media is now making a quick retreat from the real focus on an incompetent, undisciplined, failure of a president. A man who is mocking the poor everyday through not addressing the economy.”

He also slammed the NY Post for its “sleazy journalism” because the story cites that out of a database of 200 million records, there were dozens of these particular cash withdrawals.

Watch the rest of the debate below: