Washington Redskins head coach Mike Shanahan has become the center of controversy following Sunday's playoff loss to the Seattle Seahawks in which star rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III reinjured his right knee.

Shanahan has said Griffin, who first injured the knee late in the regular season and missed a game because of it, pleaded with him to let him stay in the game after he appeared to aggravate the injury in the first quarter. Griffin hurt the knee even worse late in the game and had to come out.

Griffin will now likely need surgery to repair ligament damage in his knee. The extent of the damage is still unclear.

On Fox and Friends, Brian Kilmeade discussed the situation with Gary Myers of the New York Daily News, author of the book "Coaching Confidential." In a column today, Myers called Shanahan's decision during the game "one of the worst failures" he has ever seen by an NFL coach.

"Mike Shanahan has been an NFL coach for 17 years. You don't need the doctors on the sidelines to tell you that he can't play. All you need to do is trust your eyes. I was at this game, and it was so clear by watching RG3 after he hurt his knee at the end of the first quarter, he just wasn't the same player. He was basically playing on one leg. His game is all about explosiveness and using his legs to create opportunities for himself in the passing game and the running game. I just don't know what Shanahan was looking at. ... By keeping him in the game I think he hurt the player, and I know that he hurt the team," said Myers.

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